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Bear Family Restaurants has a long-time commitment to Serving with Significance. Our culture is one of putting every guest at the center of everything we do. Without our valued guests, we would not be here. Our commitment also extends far beyond the four walls of each and every restaurant and we are deeply committed to our communities.

Since 1967, Bear Family Restaurants and its employees: family members as we like to think of them, have made a positive difference in tens of thousands of people’s lives. Our rich history of volunteerism chronicles our deep influence on local charities and the communities they serve.

Communities, charities, and our restaurant guests have welcomed our ‘Bear Family’ to an extension of their own families. Whether it is helping community organizations, first responders, educational facilities, or non-profits, Bear Family Restaurants is always there. We challenge ourselves as an organization every year to come together and donate our time, our resources, and our passion for the communities and areas we serve. Through our Volunteer Program, we challenge our entire organization to donate 2,000 hours of their time to help out local charities throughout Chicagoland. We are so excited to announce that we have now exceeded 5,000 Volunteer Hours since 2018!

If you want to join in, volunteer with us in the future, and be part of a great family while furthering your career, learn more about Joining Our Family, and start working toward your future, today!



June 11, 2024 – David Bear, your local McDonald’s franchise Owner/Operator and President of Bear Family Restaurants, announces that the employees of Bear Family Restaurants have achieved a milestone 10,000 hours of volunteerism.

Established in 2018, the volunteer program at Bear Family Restaurants was created to further their mission to ‘Serve with Significance’ in the community and make a positive difference in thousands of people’s lives. Their commitment to the guests they serve extends far beyond the four walls of every restaurant. The organization, which was established in 1967 in Elgin, IL, has a rich history of volunteerism and partnering with local charities who have welcomed the ‘Bear Family’ as an extension of their own families. Whether it’s volunteering at a local food pantry, serving first responders after an emergency, ringing a holiday bell for charity, contributing much-needed supplies to a local school, or serving the highest quality food in a clean and safe environment, Bear Family Restaurants is always there.

“We are thrilled to achieve over 10,000 hours of volunteerism and give so much support back to our friends and neighbors who support our restaurants,” says David Bear, President of Bear Family Restaurants.

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Over 5,000 Hours of Volunteerism have been donated by BFR team members since 2018.

Organizations & Sponsorships

Chamber Involvement

We are proud members of the Chamber of Commerces shown below. We support them far beyond our membership by sitting on several boards, sponsoring events, attending meetings about city growth and development, and much more!

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