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Clean Air


You are being protected from airborne pathogens RIGHT NOW

What We Did

Bear Family Restaurants partnered with UV Angel and installed continuous air filtration systems throughout the dining room. These systems are scientifically proven to reduce pathogens and provide you the cleanest and freshest air while you are enjoying your meal and your family time.

Why We Did It

We want you to experience family dinner without worrying about the air you are breathing. We want your family protected. We want our family protected. We want to make sure that every guest in our restaurant can enjoy their time. We care about the safety of our employees and the comfort of everyone eating inside.

How We Did It

Bear Family Restaurants has partnered with UV Angel

UV Angel has designed scientifically tested air filtration systems that continuously clean the air around you and treats it with UV light that destroys airborne pathogens. 

Studies demonstrated a dramatic reduction (Between 73% and 77%) in airborne bacteria
after the installation of UV Angel Clean Air™ technology.

The data also showed a reduction (Between 29% and 73%) in bacteria on settled surfaces
simply from treating the air, supporting the presence of a “snow globe effect” where untreated airborne pathogens fall on surfaces, accumulate, and can be re-entrained into the environment.

Bacteria on high-touch surfaces was reduced even more by the UV Angel Adapt™ technology, showing a reduction of 84% or greater.

More About UV Angel

Developed by a world class group of experts

Professionals including engineering, public health, product design, IT, AI, and more!

Solutions Founded from Science and Engineering

Clinically Proven and Demonstrated to Work

Solutions based on science with up to 99.9% pathogen elimination rate

Independent laboratory testing

Third-Party Review and Peer-Reviewed

Free of Harmful Chemicals or Bi-Products

Our UV-C technology has been around for decades with proven safety effectives

Designed to work without adding anything to the air we breathe

24x7x365 Automated & Continuous Protection

The engineered control system works continuously around the clock to provide year around protection

We don’t realize when contamination occurs, so we are always protecting