South Elgin, IL. – More than 250 free Vanilla Cones were distributed to attendees of the South Elgin McDonald’s Cone with A Cop event on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

Owned and operated by the Bear Family the South Elgin McDonald’s located on 100 N. McLean., is honored to take part in community-building events like this, especially as they engage the local police force and celebrate the last day of school. 

McDonald’s Owner and Operator David Bear was thrilled with the afternoon’s events:

“We are proud of the role we have maintained in South Elgin over the years, and we are happy to see the community and the local police department enjoying cones together. It’s just how spring should be.” 

Chief Krawczyk, Sergeant Czechowski, officers Creighton, Rzeppa, Miklitsch and Franks, Records Clerks Morel, and Haacker all joined in the fun at McDonald’s.  Local law enforcement and community members were happy to enjoy conversation together and the officers enjoyed making cones.  The officers took many pictures with kids from the local schools and they were so happy to see them as were their parents.

The Bear Family would like to thank Officer Creighton, who contributed to the coordination of the Cone with A Cop event. The Bear Family would also like to thank all of the officers who came to the event, helped serve Vanilla Cones, took pictures with the community members, and met many great members of the community.

This event was hosted by the Bear Family Restaurants and McDonald’s Owner and Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook and visit our Website .

For more information about events provided by the South Elgin McDonald’s, please contact Community Relations Manager Melissa Thorsen at