“Gadz Ukes” Musical Group Performs at McTeacher’s Night

Mt. Prospect| St. Raymond Elementary School students gave teachers and administrators an A-plus on their fundraising efforts to support the St. Raymond Family and School Association.
Teachers, support staff and Assistant Principal Catherine Hart from St. Raymond School volunteered behind the counter on Thursday, February 28th, at the Mt. Prospect McDonald’s located on Rand Road, where they served students and their families in their annual fundraiser.
Teachers Joyce Gartz and Darlene Mack danced around the restaurant encouraging students to purchase a delicious apple pie while teachers tended the front counter, served ice cream and presented delicious food at the drive-thru.
The proceeds from the 240 apple pies sold will be used to help support field trips, teacher appreciation gifts and classroom supplies.  Twenty percent of the proceeds from the McTeacher’s Night sales were donated directly to the St. Raymond FSA.
The parents, students, and customers were treated to a unique ukulele concert by the Gadz Ukes. Under the direction of music teacher Cheryl Burt, the 6th and 7th-grade students played several favorites and encouraged everyone to sing along!
“What a fun night with faculty, students old and young, mingling together as a community. This McTeacher’s Night was the best yet! We can’t wait for next year. Thank you to David Bear and his team for their hospitality, this is such a wonderful staff.” said Dine and Share Chairs Adrienne Nudo and Joey Schramm.
David Bear, Owner-Operator of the Mt. Prospect McDonald’s and the Bear Family were delighted to participate in the worthy cause for education and the community.
The St. Raymond School McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Bear Family Restaurants and McDonald’s Owner-Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook and visit our Bear Website
For more information about events provided by the Mt. Prospect McDonald’s, Community Relations Manager Melissa Thorsen at melissa@bearcomgmt.com