The Cocoa with a Cop event, hosted by the Elgin McDonald’s, on Tuesday, February 5th, at 1165 N. McLean Blvd., which aimed to bring the community together did just that by serving up hot cocoa to customers.

David Bear, Owner-Operator, of the Elgin-based McDonald’s franchise, said that taking part in such community-building events help to bridge relationships between residents and the local police force.  Bear says events like these are a great opportunity for residents to come up and ask questions. One mom said that she has always taught her kids to run to a uniform and not away from it. The Elgin residents feel assured and secure when they see the patrol cars in their neighborhood. The community members were thrilled to see Elgin’s finest at work bridging the bonds of the community.

“We are proud of the role we have maintained in Elgin, and we are happy to see the community and the local police department enjoying cocoa and conversation together,”  Bear said.

“We are grateful to Sergeant Demierre who contributed to the coordination of the Cocoa with A Cop event, and to all the officers who came to the event, helped serve hot cocoa, took pictures with the community members, and met many of the great people from this community. “

This event was hosted by the Bear Family Restaurants and McDonald’s Owner-Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook and visit our Website .

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