On Tuesday night December 4th, Hillcrest Elementary School took over the McDonald’s located at 1480 Larkin Avenue in Elgin.

In a fundraiser called “McTeacher’s Night”, students, parents, and teachers flocked to the restaurant to catch a glimpse of their teachers trading in the red pen for working behind the counter at McDonald’s.

Students were thrilled to see their favorite teachers, especially Principal Winters, outside of the classroom at an event to raise money for their school.

Principal Winters did an amazing job throughout the evening collecting tips at the drive-thru window, as she is pictured here doing. Her energy and stamina allowed for great tips from customers.

As for the rest of the teachers, they were hard at work greeting families entering the restaurant, taking orders at the registers, calling out prepared orders, and selling pies throughout the restaurant. One teacher, Nelly Rojas, went as far as making ice cream behind the counter, for the students.

All in all, it was an outstanding evening filled with joy. It was all made possible by the Bear Family Restaurants, Owner-Operator David Bear, and of course Hillcrest Elementary School along with the wonderful support from their families, students, and staff.

The Hillcrest Elementary School McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Bear Family restaurants and McDonald’s Owner-Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook and visit our Bear Website.

For more information about events provided by the Elgin McDonald’s, please contact Community Relations Director, Julie Travers at julie.travers@comcast.net.