Kilmer Elementary School students gave teachers and administrators an A-plus on their fundraising efforts to support PTO STEAM Night.
Teachers, support staff and Principal Matthew Lombardo from Kilmer School volunteered behind the counter on Wednesday November 28, at the Arlington Heights McDonald’s located on Dundee Road, where they served students and their families in a fundraiser.
Mr. Matthew Lombardo, Principal, Kilmer School, alongside teachers tended the front counter while teachers Patty Zelasko, Nancy Sepulveda, Yaneith Gil and Colleen Conley danced around the restaurant encouraging students to purchase a delicious apple pie.
The proceeds from the 150+ apple pies sold will be used to help support STEAM Night at the school.  Twenty percent of the proceeds from the McTeacher’s Night sales were donated directly to the Kilmer School PTO.
The parents, students, and customers were treated to a beautiful concert from the Kilmer Chorus.  Under the direction of chorus teacher Rachel Scherer, students sang traditional holiday music for the enjoyment of the crowd.