Teachers from Maple Elementary School, volunteered behind the counter on November 8th, at the Rockford McDonald’s located 3858 Northridge Drive where they served students and their families in a fundraiser for the School.

Mrs. Tammy Poole, Principal of Maple Elementary School, mingled and took many pictures with the students and families.

Twenty percent of the proceeds from the Maple Elementary McTeacher’s Night sales were donated directly to Maple Elementary. The proceeds from the McTeacher’s night will go to schools family engagement fund.

Bear donated a case of apple pies to the school for sale at the event, all proceeds from the sale of 118 pies went directly to the school. Inspired by the success of Maple McTeacher’s Night, the Bear Family has set their sights on partnering with other schools in the Rockford area.  

David Bear, Owner-Operator of the Northridge McDonald’s, and the Bear Family were delighted to participate in the worthy cause for education and the community. 

“McTeacher’s Night is part of McDonald’s larger commitment to education and other important initiatives supporting families and the local community,” Bear said. 

“We are proud to serve the families of the Maple Elementary School community and through the McTeacher’s Night event.  In addition, to helping provide financial support for our local schools, we help students feel connected to their school, their teachers and their sense of community.”

 The Maple Elementary McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Bear Family Restaurants and McDonald’s Owner-Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook and visit our  Bear Website.

For more information about events provided by the Rockford McDonald’s, please contact Community Relations Director, Julie Travers at julie.travers@comcast.net.