Park View School 3rd Grade Readers Receive Extra Support Thanks To McTeacher’s Night  

Morton Grove/Park View School students gave teachers and administrators an A-plus on their fundraising efforts to support the third grade.

Teachers, PTO volunteers and Principal Matt Condon from Park View School volunteered behind the counter on Thursday, October 18, at the Morton Grove McDonald’s located on Dempster Street, where they served students and their families in a fundraiser.

Mr. Matthew Condon, Principal, Park View School, alongside PTO member Melanie Flores tended the front counter while teachers Danielle Faubert and Laura Hansens danced around the restaurant encouraging students to purchase an apple pie.

The proceeds from the 200 apple pies sold will be used to help purchase third grade leveled reading books. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the McTeacher’s Night sales were donated directly to the Park View PTO with funds going to purchase more reading books for the third graders.

David Bear, Owner Operator of the Morton Grove McDonald’s and the Bear Family Restaurants were delighted to participate in the worthy cause for education and the community.

“As a third grade teacher at Park View, we truly appreciate Mr. David Bear for allowing us to have this fundraiser! Our students will benefit from the leveled reading books to enhance our literacy block within the classroom. We loved being a part of McTeacher’s Night and bringing our Park View family in!” said third grade teacher Danielle Faubert.

Principal Condon said, “We are so fortunate that we had this opportunity to support both Park View School and a local business in Morton Grove.  Thank you Mr. Bear for this event.  Our families loved it!”

The Park View School McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Bear Family Restaurants and McDonald’s Owner/Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook and visit our  Bear Website.

For more information about events provided by the Morton Grove McDonald’s please contact Community Relations Director, Julie Travers at