Mt. Prospect/ St. Alphonsus Elementary School students gave teachers and coaches an A-plus on their fundraising efforts to support the Athletic programs. Teachers, support staff and coaches from St. Alphonsus volunteered behind the counter on Thursday, September 6, at the Mt. Prospect McDonald’s located on Rand Road, where they served students and their families in a fundraiser.
Mrs. Janice DiVincenzo, Principal, St. Alphonsus School, alongside 3rd grade teacher Mary Wester Middle School teacher Rosanne Hendricks tended the apple pie sales during the night.
The proceeds from the 170 Apple Pies sold went directly to benefit the Athletes and their programs. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the McTeacher’s Night sales were donated directly to the St. Alphonsus Athletics, which plans to use the money to help pay for new uniforms for the Basketball, Volleyball and Track Teams.

David Bear, Owner Operator of the Mt. Prospect McDonald’s and the Bear Family were delighted to participate in the worthy cause for education and the community. “It’s great to get the St. Alphonsus community together to help support our fantastic Athletic Department.” said parent Tony Marchetti. Kathy Talken, Director of Marketing for St. Alphonsus, said ” St. Alphonsus celebrates 60 years this year and McTeacher’s Night is a great event to bring the preschool thru eighth graders and families together for a fun event to support the Athletic Teams.”

The St. Alphonsus McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Bear Family Restaurants and McDonald’s Owner/Operator, David Bear.  Like us on Facebook and visit Bear Website. For more information about events provided by the Mt. Prospect McDonald’s, please contact Community Relations Director, Julie Travers at