Euclid Elementary School in River Trails School District 26 held their 3rd McTeacher’s Night on Thursday, May 17th at the McDonald’s on Rand Rd. that opened in December of 2015.


What a perfect night for a Fundraising event. The Teacher’s and staff were happy to serve freshly prepared meals to students and their families and raise money for Euclid Elementary School.


So many teachers and staff worked at the McTeacher’s night including Principal Gammons that was there the entire night. The jobs included greeting guests, cleaning the lobby, working the front counter, selling pies, and making refreshing ice cream treats. Teacher Mrs. Leith and daughter of Mrs. Santiago both dressed in the pie costume and they were assisted by pie sellers Andrew (Mrs. Leith’s son) and Ernie Santiago.


A Special thank you goes to Susie Makula of the PTC, who organized the event as well as everyone who volunteered and worked so hard to make this event the best ever for Euclid Elementary. The School plans to put the money raised for Cultural Arts Programming, items for the classrooms and to support the teachers with classroom libraries.


The McTeacher’s Night was hosted by the Bear Family Restaurants and Owner/Operator, David Bear. Like us on Facebook

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