Lakeview Elementary School held their first ever McTeacher’s Night Fundraiser at the Hoffman Estates McDonald’s on Roselle Rd on Wednesday, March 14th. The night like Lakeview School was amazing. A McTeacher’s Night is a fundraiser organized to help raise money for local schools by having teachers work at McDonald’s and then giving a percentage of the night’s sales back to the local school.

Lakeview teachers and administrative staff were excited to serve freshly prepared meals to students and their families. Teachers handed out orders, cleaned tables, made ice cream treats, served drinks, prepared fries and even dressed up in a Pie costume. So many families came out in support of Lakeview Elementary School and were excited to take part in the Schools McTeacher’s Night. It was a night they won’t soon forget.

McTeacher Jen DiSanti dressed in the Pie outfit almost the whole night and what a blast she had mingling with all the families and taking pictures with the Children.

For an Extra special treat, the IncrediBulls stopped by the event to have some fun, they gave t-Shirts to kids who shoot the basketball and made it in the net.

Lakeview School plans to put the money in a general fund to go towards many different needs that come up during the school year.

A special thank you goes to PTA Vice President Danielle Kruse, who organized the event as well as everyone who worked and attended.

The McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Hoffman Estates McDonald’s Owner/Operator, David Bear.  Like us on Facebook at https;//


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