Westchester McDonald’s Holds an Annual Fundraiser for Westchester Middle School


Westchester Middle School of District 92-5 holds their annual McTeacher’s Night fundraiser at the McDonald’s in Westchester on 31st St, On Wednesday, May 31. A McTeacher’s Night is organized to help raise money for local schools by having teachers work at McDonald’s and then giving a percentage of the night’s sales to the local school. It was a beautiful night. All the kids came to see their favorite teachers working.

On Wednesday, teachers came to McDonald’s to work and serve freshly prepared meals to students and their families. The students and families were excited to see Assistant Principal Molby and their teachers behind the counter and throughout the restaurant.

The teachers that worked were amazing. The McTeacher’s jobs included greeting guests, cleaning the lobby, working the front counter, making Ice Cream treats, working drive-thru and dressing in a pie costume where pies were sold for donations. All duties were executed with great enthusiasm and huge smiles on everyone’s faces. .

To make the evening even more memorable, there were performances by the WMS Band Drumline and the WMS Chamber Ensemble. Both were amazing performances and the students and families had a wonderful time.

Mr. Scheel and Mr. Kluge each took a turn in the pie costume where they sold pies for donations and all proceeds went directly to the school.

A special thank you goes to WPTC executive members, Tammy Flynn and Dana Wesolowski, who organized the entire event as well as all the staff who worked so graciously to help raise money for WMS. The school plans to use the money earned to help pay for some end of year activities such as field day and an 8th-grade dance.

The fundraiser Night was courtesy of the Westchester McDonald’s Owner/Operator, David Bear. For more information about events provided by the Westchester McDonald’s contact Community Relations Director Julie Travers at julie.travers@comcast.net

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